High-Performance Culture

Lola Travel: The technology is good. The empathy is great


By Sarah Moore & Eric Michrowski

Some of America’s oldest chapters in history were written on the banks of Boston’s Charles River, but today it hosts a different kind of revolution.

Paul English, co-founder and former Chief Technology Officer of Kayak (the website and app that helps you plan your next trip by searching hundreds of travel sites for the best deal) is once again revolutionizing the world of travel. Read More...

Six Lessons About Teams from a Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife

By Clint Rusch

When I was about 10 years old, my father gave me my first pocketknife. It was a small one – just two blades, nothing more, and I chose to get a green one, rather than the traditional red. Read More...

Three Lessons about Leadership from the Seattle Seahawks Locker Room


By Clint Rusch

In the June 12th issue of ESPN The Magazine, Seth Wickersham published an outstanding story about four-time Pro Bowl defensive back Richard Sherman and his struggles to move past the Seahawks’ inability to close out a win over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX, the most-watched television program in American history. Read More...

Transforming your Customer Experience: The Psychology that Drives Differentiation

By Allison M. Ellis, Eric Michrowski & Dr. Autumn D. Krauss

In the service industry, employees on the frontline are critical for driving the business, through having meaningful interactions with customers and clients and serving as ambassadors of the entire organization. Prioritizing the customer or client experience, or in other words taking an outside-in perspective, requires a focus on both creating systems and processes that efficiently and effectively serve the customer, as well as identifying the human factors that drive the highest quality customer experiences.

The first step Tim Sloan could take to clean up Wells Fargo’s culture

Wells Fargo

By Sarah Moore

Business leaders are scratching their heads wondering, 'how do we avoid the type of hot water Wells Fargo is currently dealing with?' We recommend starting here…