Staying Connected: A Lesson for Leaders During COVID-19

Staying Connected

By Josh Williams, Ph.D.

Executives are dealing with a myriad of challenges during this pandemic. Mass layoffs have resulted in consumer spending grinding to a halt. Retailers are scrambling to adapt to the rapidly changing consumer habits. Many big box retailers are on the brink of collapse. What steps can be taken now to connect with the public when money simply isn’t flowing?

Adjusting Your Company to Adapt to the Post-Coronavirus Business Environment (The New Normal)


By Dale Lawrence

Obviously, many businesses are not doing well in this major crisis. Hourly news stories of massive lay-offs, enormous supply chain disruptions, poor customer confidence and hit-and-miss political leadership adds to the human health tragedy. It is easy right now to get pulled into the mud. While many of the issues are out of our hands, there is a lot we can do. Starting with your organization. Read More...

Turning Crisis into Opportunity: A guide for Small & Medium Business Leaders


By Vicki Scott

While this can be incredibly trying time for Small & Medium business leaders, or those in specialty business categories, there will be survivors! The road ahead will require massive action, determination and work. Canadian small businesses make up 41.7% of our GDP. Between 2013 and 2018, 56.8% of all new jobs were created by small businesses. Read More...

COVID-19 Impacts to the Construction Industry


By Eric Johnson

As the impact of the COVID-19 virus on the economy grows more and more severe, an increasing number of industries have become well aware of the sharp impact the virus will have on their operations and end customers. In particular, the construction industry is poised to experience a downturn that we believe will occur immediately and be recognized in earnings between Q2 - Q4. Of course, this all depends on the severity of the virus. Any mutations or reemergence at successive points in the future will create additional uncertainty. Read More...