The Financial Benefits of Having a Flex Work Environment

Reduced office capacity

By Dale Lawrence

There is ample evidence that most organizations see productivity gains when their workers are able to work in a flexible environment, whether entirely based in their home-office or flex between the office and their home. This doesn’t mean everything is rosy and the recent and sudden movement home during the pandemic saw many workers having to share workspace with their families. This wasn’t ideal but necessary. However, now that most businesses are beginning their journey to work in the new normal, it is time to evaluate one aspect that can provide real savings for your business. Flex Work as a permanent work style. There is data to prove it.

Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic – Taking Costs Out of the Business


By Eric Johnson

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to clearly affect the economy, organizations negatively affected by the stay-at-home mandate are looking to reduce organizational costs as much as possible in order to stabilize cash outlays until an economic bottom occurs and an upswing begins. Below are some suggestions to accomplish this considering time is of the essence.