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By Kyoung Hee Choi

I believe creativity is something that you can learn and not something that you were simply born with. Creative people tend to be more curious, innovative and intuitive; values that are essential to the success in any career or business. Creativity is not a choice but rather an essential skill that will help advance your career and business. Almost everything can be digitized; but not creativity. Creativity and Innovation are some of the most important differentiators in a rapidly changing and evolving world where disruption has become a fact of life. Read More...

How to Keep Your Creativity and Innovate in a Square (or Rectangular) life?


By KyoungHee Choi

Have you ever reflected on how our lives exist pretty much inside a square?

We get up in a square bed every morning, take a shower inside of a square booth, eat square cereal on a square table while reading a square newspaper. When we go to work, we get out of square rooms and a square house, we drive a square car or take a square bus or subway to go to work at a square building & office. At work, we spend the day sitting in front of a square computer and with square papers. We have lunch with square tray while watching a square mobile phone. We return to our square home, have dinner on our square dining table and watch Netflix on a square TV. We take a bath in a square bathtub while reading a square magazine. Before going to bed on our square bed, we watch social media on our square mobile phone. Read More...