E-Commerce is going to surge this holiday season. Are you thinking about the workers?

E-Commerce is going to surge this holiday season

By Madison Hanscom, PhD

Online shopping has become a regular part of the holiday season. It is more convenient than ever to send gifts across the globe from retailers we trust. Recently we have experienced an added benefit to online shopping — social distancing. Now we can rely on home delivery to avoid contact with crowds of people on Black Friday, Super Saturday, Boxing Day, and after Christmas sales. Although this certainly brings a lot of positives, there are important considerations when it comes to occupational safety.


Flex Work and Loneliness: What Can We Do?

Flex Work and Loneliness What Can We Do?

By Madison Hanscom, PhD

Working from home can be a positive opportunity for many individuals. It might come with a shorter commute, less interruptions, more productive work time, and less stress. Despite the huge number of employees who are enjoying working from home, a dark side to flex work for some can be the aspect of loneliness.

Mindfulness interventions work…. But how about for those in male-oriented jobs?

Mindfulness interventions

By Madison Hanscom, PhD

Mindfulness-based interventions have been shown to be a helpful workplace tool for many individuals. They are associated with great outcomes like reductions in stress and negative affectivity. But there are still a few interesting questions remaining…
• Do these interventions only work for people in certain occupations (e.g., education and health)?
• Do these interventions fail for people in certain social contexts (e.g., when they are surrounded by individuals who think mindfulness if a waste of time)?

Checking in with your employees: Mitigating burnout during a pandemic


By Madison Hanscom

For many who are still employed, difficult times will bring exhaustion. We are in a time when routines are being completely uprooted. Many individuals are essential workers, which means they are putting themselves and their families at risk by supporting our communities. These workers often are experiencing new responsibilities, changes in work hours, new stressors and sometimes compassion fatigue. Other individuals are now forced to work from home while juggling new responsibilities, caring for children during work hours, and suffering from guilt or tension if there is a dip in productivity. Read More...

Staying Mindful During a Pandemic


By Madison Hanscom & Kelly Cave

We are living in a turbulent time. Unfortunately, when life becomes hectic, we may unintentionally place our mental health on the backburner. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals are feeling extreme financial strain and are trying to juggle increasing priorities. Many people who typically work in professional spaces are now working from home with spouses and/or children and are trying to establish new routines. Amidst the painful anticipation of this unfolding situation, and the current stress we are experiencing, it is important to keep mental health in the forefront.

How to Keep Your Creativity and Innovate in a Square (or Rectangular) life?


By KyoungHee Choi

Have you ever reflected on how our lives exist pretty much inside a square?

We get up in a square bed every morning, take a shower inside of a square booth, eat square cereal on a square table while reading a square newspaper. When we go to work, we get out of square rooms and a square house, we drive a square car or take a square bus or subway to go to work at a square building & office. At work, we spend the day sitting in front of a square computer and with square papers. We have lunch with square tray while watching a square mobile phone. We return to our square home, have dinner on our square dining table and watch Netflix on a square TV. We take a bath in a square bathtub while reading a square magazine. Before going to bed on our square bed, we watch social media on our square mobile phone. Read More...

Burnout in the workplace

Business man holding brain-2

By Brie DeLisi

Burnout? It’s all the rage right now… Technology has had both a wonderful and terrible impact on the workplace. We’ve streamlined processes, resulting in the ability to take on more tasks in a day than ever before. Not only that but we are connected 24 hours a day to ensure we don’t miss a thing in the office, our social circles and world news, all at once.

Mindfulness and the workplace

Nature - stones on the water

By Melanie Kramer, Steph Andel and Brie DeLisi

What is mindfulness?

Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D., the man credited for inventing the fundamental of mindfulness, describes it as the moment to moment, non-judgmental awareness. In other words, by paying attention in the present moment without reacting or judging (13). Even more simply, it is noticing what is happening while it is happening. Kabat-Zinn (13) argues that the greater the mindfulness, the greater the awareness (and thus insight) that may stem from it. Read More...