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COVID-19: A catalyst for safety culture change?

A catalyst for safety culture change

By Madison Hanscom, PhD

COVID-19 has changed our way of life inside and outside of work. It has forced us to rethink the way we work and enjoy time off. Businesses have been hit extremely hard, and most have been forced to make fast decisions to protect workers and customers.

Can responses to COVID-19 act as a litmus test for safety culture?

a litmus test for safety culture

By Madison Hanscom

The pandemic has created an extremely difficult scenario for many businesses. Amidst the hardship, companies are working to balance the safety of workers and customers along with financial survival. This begs the question — will the way in which a company responds to COVID-19 be a reflection of the safety culture?

The Ultimate Safety Change Buy-In Guide

The Ultimate Safety Change Buy-In Guide

By Brie DeLisi

Creating and implementing safety changes in an organization is no easy task. There are so many opportunities for failure – not having a thorough plan, unanticipated roadblocks, a lack of resources, ill-suited programs and procedures. Even if all of those items are covered, the most impactful is whether or not there is buy in from the greater employee population. Below, we’ll cover tips on how to generate employee buy-in when making changes to organizational safety.

A Safety Leadership Quiz: How Well Do You Stack Up?

How Well Do You Stack Up

By Josh Williams, Ph.D.

Previous blogs have addressed numerous ways leaders need to “show up” for safety. Unfortunately, leaders sometimes inadvertently encourage at-risk behavior by failing to praise safe behaviors, ignoring at-risk behaviors, over-emphasizing production, and modeling risky behaviors. Here’s a quick summary: