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The Typhoon: A Fable of Leading through a Black Swan Event

Stormy at ocean

By Eric Michrowski

As we navigate through this Black Swan event, I keep being reminded of a book that had captured my attention in my youth. Joseph Conrad’s Typhoon presents the story of Captain MacWhirr, a practical leader of few words, and Jukes a youthful sea mate as they sail a newly built ship across the South China Sea.

COVID-19 – An opportunity to live your values in the eyes of your Customer

An-opportunity-to-live-your-values-eyes-of your-Customer

By Eric Michrowski

The COVID-19 Black Swan event has provided a unique opportunity for brands to demonstrate how they live their values, particularly as it relates to Customers. Some brands have stepped up and demonstrated their customer-centricity in challenging times. Others have tried to pursue profit over Customer loyalty.

COVID-19: The 4 Low-Frills Apps Needed to Rapidly Ramp up Virtual Work


By Eric Michrowski

The COVID-19 Pandemic is driving a rapid shift to remote work across North America. Most leaders have woken up to the criticality of shifting workers that are non-essential to locations where there is a lesser risk to spread the virus. Those that haven’t yet, might wake up one morning with the entire office quarantined which is a significantly worse outcome.

COVID-19: Cash is King in a Crisis. And today is no different. The 5-steps to managing your cashflow through the Corona Black Swan Crisis.


By Eric Michrowski

Cash is King. It’s an overused expression that I learned early in my career, but it really came to life for me after the 9/11 Black Swan Event. I was in the airline industry, sitting in disbelief as the towers fell. I will never forget that moment. I was frozen in front of the TV in disbelief. After spending several days meeting inbound crews from around the world, taking care of their needs, I quickly came back to reality.

COVID-19 Pandemic Planning: 8 Considerations to put the Safety of Your Teams and Business First


By Eric Michrowski

The COVID-19 Pandemic is rapidly becoming a topic of urgent executive dialogue in the US and Canada as the rate of infections is rapidly growing and spreading within the community. As the landscape is swiftly evolving, several large gatherings and sporting events have been cancelled and the markets have responded wildly. Many businesses have responded swiftly and proactively while others with global footprints had to immediately respond in January with the first signs of an outbreak in China. Others are working through their strategies at this moment. Read More...

Diversity is key to business success: Leaders need to make a bigger pledge to drive impact


From Eric Michrowski

The research is very clear on the value of diversity in the workplace. And when leaders think of diversity, it shouldn’t be limited to only 1 or 2 dimensions. The goal should be to bring as many perspectives and viewpoints to the table. In addition to being fair and a good corporate citizen, the purpose of diversity is to stimulate better debate when decisions are being made. When the right culture is in place, this helps improve the quality of solutions. In turn, this drives improved business performance. Read More...

The ‘Lumberjack’


By Eric Michrowski

We’ve all seen it or heard the stories. Someone claims to have been injured and seeks benefits. Or someone that is always off with “injuries”. I’ve heard all of them over the years including a worker that was injured over 35 times in a 20-year career! Injury-prone or are these signs of something more? Read More...

Lola Travel: The technology is good. The empathy is great


By Sarah Moore & Eric Michrowski

Some of America’s oldest chapters in history were written on the banks of Boston’s Charles River, but today it hosts a different kind of revolution.

Paul English, co-founder and former Chief Technology Officer of Kayak (the website and app that helps you plan your next trip by searching hundreds of travel sites for the best deal) is once again revolutionizing the world of travel. Read More...

Transforming, Innovating, Growing: The case for leaders with diversified careers


By Eric Michrowski

HBR recently published a study on Transformational Leaders . One of the conclusions that caught my eye was that most of the leaders that had successfully transformed an industry or business had very diverse backgrounds (think Amazon's Bezos who came from a Finance background). They mention the importance of leaders that come with outside experience and that are brought into a business to drive change. Read More...

Executive Fireside Conversations: Building an Army of Problem Solvers in a High Growth, Entrepreneurial Disruptor

fireside chat

By Eric Michrowski

I was recently meeting with the CEO of a professional services firm that has developed a business model, which is quietly disrupting his industry. Founded in a dislike in the conventional business model that his competitors have been reinforcing for decades, he has changed a few key variables to transform the service offer, namely: