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The Color Psychology of Safety Culture

The color of Safety Culture

By KyoungHee Choi

The color psychology is a fascinating field, deeply rooted in brain activity and human nature. Color psychology is a very important tool not only for safety culture but also for artists, designers and marketers. Color stimulates our brain and from the ancient times has proven to be a useful alternative psychotherapy. A lot of industries use color to drive caution and reduce risks and injuries. When it comes to safety, colors are an important way to communicate hazards to workers. The ANSI (American National Standards Institute) has established rules governing the meaning of specific colors. Standardized safety colors can help people easily recognize and understand the message being conveyed to improve safety.


3 Ways Leaders Can Grow their Brand and Shape Company Culture to Impact Business Outcomes

Culture change

By KyoungHee Choi

While culture is widely recognized as an important lever to grow brands, increase productivity, improve revenue while improving safety and customer experience outcomes, many organizations still find to drive an manage something that feels intangible. In challenging times, it may seem hard to invest time and resources into something that can’t easily be measured, like “company culture”. Especially when the very survival of your company itself is at stake. However, culture is far more than an abstraction. It is critical to bringing your values to life and to driving business success. In challenging times it’s even more important to invest in what makes you different in the marketplace.

Harmonize your team just like an Orchestra


By Kyounghee Choi

Have you ever imagined that an Orchestra is just like an Organization? Orchestras are a great place to explore lessons in leadership. Read More...

COVID-19: Rapidly innovate & create opportunities


By KyoungHee Choi

Let’s face it. Most entrepreneurs are struggling amid this COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. The longer it continues, the more business will be crippled by the crisis and might not be able to recover. We are facing an unprecedented storm. Everyone is faced with incredible uncertainty.

While businesses are rapidly adjusting their business plans, and working to quickly adapt to a new reality, it becomes critically important to focus on defensive moves that will maintain cash flow and long-term relationships with clients.

Five proverb-inspired leadership lessons to navigate through COVID-19


By Kyounghee Choi

As you navigate through these uncertain times, there are no perfect guides or advisors given the unexpected and uncharted crisis. Successful leaders will need to continuously explore opportunities, try them and fast fail to maximize rapid learning cycles. As leaders digest massive amounts of information through various media sources to set the course for tomorrow, there is one critical challenge. As Art Buchwald, an American columnist once said, “Television has a real problem. They have no page two.” Leaders always think about page two, that is, what happens next and how to connect the dots to find your path forward. In this blog, I want to share some perspectives through the use of proverbs.

Three powerful leadership principles to guide you through the COVID-19 Black Swan


By Kyounghee Choi

Here are three powerful principles to help guide your decision-making across both your business and personal life as you navigate through this black swan crisis. There is no perfect formula, case study, analysis or best practice that can be relied upon as this crisis is so unique by its very nature. However, the role of the leader is so critical to ensure long term success. Decisions being made today will help guide whether you survive, thrive or fail when calm waters arrive. Leaders need to have a deeper understanding of what is happening and secure the support of the broader team, quickly. Just as one would sail through an intense storm, leaders cannot control the wind, but leaders can control the course and direction of the ship. This is the time for leaders to take firm control of the direction, seek a path with less turbulence and guide the ship across. Read More...

COVID-19 FOCUS: How South Korea has come up with innovative ways to control COVID-19 to reduce the length of business interruptions and associated business parallels and applications to help you navigate this Black Swan event


By KyoungHee Choi

The Novel CoronaVirus (COVID 19) is a daily topic of discussion and news. From its roots in Wuhan (China), it quickly spread across Asia and then took a quick foothold in Iran, South Korea and Italy. From there it started spreading rapidly across Europe and North America without recognizing borders and affecting across all walks of life and cultures. Now, people are monitoring the evolving global pandemic and impact every single day. Read More...

Bringing creativity and innovation into your organization: Start your commitment to Actively Care today!


By Kyoung Hee Choi

I believe creativity is something that you can learn and not something that you were simply born with. Creative people tend to be more curious, innovative and intuitive; values that are essential to the success in any career or business. Creativity is not a choice but rather an essential skill that will help advance your career and business. Almost everything can be digitized; but not creativity. Creativity and Innovation are some of the most important differentiators in a rapidly changing and evolving world where disruption has become a fact of life. Read More...

Keep investing in your employees’ inner mind


By KyoungHee Choi

Most leaders want to train their employees to become better and more productive at work. Yet, most training programs offered to team members are quite limited and primarily focused on work performance (i.e. sales, leadership, marketing or customer service). There is no doubt that these skills are critical to businesses and team members. But as leaders try to bring teams on the same page and dealing with remote team members with fewer opportunities to connect as a team, it’s time to also consider focusing on the inner mind of employees.

How to Keep Your Creativity and Innovate in a Square (or Rectangular) life?


By KyoungHee Choi

Have you ever reflected on how our lives exist pretty much inside a square?

We get up in a square bed every morning, take a shower inside of a square booth, eat square cereal on a square table while reading a square newspaper. When we go to work, we get out of square rooms and a square house, we drive a square car or take a square bus or subway to go to work at a square building & office. At work, we spend the day sitting in front of a square computer and with square papers. We have lunch with square tray while watching a square mobile phone. We return to our square home, have dinner on our square dining table and watch Netflix on a square TV. We take a bath in a square bathtub while reading a square magazine. Before going to bed on our square bed, we watch social media on our square mobile phone. Read More...

Color Your Branding: The Psychology of Purple

Color Your Branding

By KyoungHee Choi

As you’ve likely heard, color evokes deeper meaning beyond the visual impact it portrays. As you define your brand, the more you understand the psychology of color, the more successful you will be. Don't let the choice be accidental! Read More...