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"Instead of de-skilling work,
we need to be arming employees with the skills, resources, and support
to meet job demands, solve problems, and remain steadfastly engaged
in the success of the business."

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Since the early days of business, there has been a focus on how to design work systems to be optimally efficient and effective to achieve the greatest results. Strategies to increase efficiencies through de-skilling work has achieved some success but the dehumanization of work under this method has also resulted in several negative consequences, including reduced employee morale, increased job stress and stifled innovation. The lesson learned - process improvement that does not consider the human experience of work is not sustainable. It also doesn’t drive an effective customer experience.

it starts with a plan

The bottom line is that today’s organizations must operate in an increasingly complex world. They must compete globally, cater to growing customer expectations and demands, adapting communication and marketing strategies. Accordingly, the context within which work is done has changed; employees on the frontline must be flexible and effective in the context of increasing demands and changing conditions. Simply put, today’s workplace must be different.

To be successful, your organization must embrace this complexity and enable employees to be successful in this environment. Instead of de-skilling work, we need to be arming employees with the necessary skills, resources, and support to resiliently meet job demands, flexibly solve work problems, and steadfastly remain engaged in the success of the business. Don’t worry. Your employees know how to do things right.


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tapping into the brain
through the design of work

In any service industry, employees are ambassadors of the organization. They directly impact the customer experience and indirectly influences the overall success of the organization. Connecting an engaged workforce with important outcomes needs to be part of the plan. Engaged workers are more creative and innovative. They are more likely to take initiative and actively engage in solving problems. They are more productive and are more likely to stay with their organizations.

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invest in discretionary effort

Engaged employees are better able to cope with any demands they encounter at work and are more likely to invest “discretionary effort”, exhibit helping behaviors and engage in other actions indicative of going above and beyond the call of duty. They do their work because they want to, not because they must. The extent to which employees are “switched on” and motivated to deliver amazing outcomes to their customers can literally make or break the success of your company.

Propulo helped a major hospitality company drive a customer service shift. By applying a blend of process, culture and training, we launched in record time. The resulting change provided the highest-value customers with a designated agent team who owned the customer's need.

reduce customer effort

Don't just say the words, actually make your organization easy-to-do business with. It starts with your people. It involves your processes. It doesn't have to disrupt what you do best. Our solutions don't cause harm.

At Propulo Consulting, we have experience transforming how organizations do business. We have changed how employees see they work. We have changed how customers see the organization's work. We have made organizations be easy-to-do business with. And we can help yours too.


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