customer experience

call center effectiveness

call center effectiveness

In the modern economy, nearly every company has a call center of some kind, and increasingly, organizations are recognizing that they need to differentiate themselves through the experiences their customers have with those contact centers. After years of cost-cutting, script standardization, and investments in the ‘next big thing’ in technology, many companies are recognizing the challenge in taking market share from their competition, and the incredible opportunities that contact center agents offer to provide targeted, loyalty-creating experiences for customers.

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As companies like Apple, Amazon, Marriott, and Zappos demonstrate the impact of consistently professional, exceptionally capable service, their customers go into the marketplace with enhanced expectations. They want to know when their packages will arrive, where their baggage is, why their computer will take so long to be repaired, and which hotel room will be available when they arrive, and they expect this from every company they interact with – not just the ones who already know how to provide it.

Today executives and organizations drive customer experience differentiation through a focus on AI, bots, digitization and big data; all are important, all bring value, but none actually solve the under lying issue.

If you want to differentiate yourself in terms of customer experience, know that digitization is a tool to help you in your journey; but it is the human to human interactions that will drive results.

We are Propulo; customer experience strategy advisors with eight offices and 15 years’ experience with advice backed by science. To learn more about how we can improve your world of work please click the link below to learn more.

cx execution

cx execution

Successful leaders know that having a great customer experience strategy isn’t enough to be successful. You need to turn that strategy into exceptional, market-moving performance. To do that, organizations need to move at the same tempo – they need a culture that fits their strategy, and a mindset that matches that culture.

It’s not about everyone thinking the same way, because that’s never healthy – or possible.

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Instead, it’s about empowering leaders, educating managers, and aligning workers, all to ensure that decisions are made in a consistent manner, and that processes support desired outcomes.

We know firsthand how hard truly effective cx strategy execution is, and we know how to make it easier for you. We can work hand-in-hand with your team, identify obstacles and develop behaviors and techniques to overcome those obstacles, helping to embed these capabilities in your organization.

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Research has shown that while over 80% of customers are willing to pay more for an improved customer experience, a mere 1% of customers feel that their vendors consistently meet their expectations.

As customer choice grows in the increasingly competitive marketplace of today and tomorrow, the ability to distinguish a brand based on experience multiplies in importance.

other services

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Outside-In assessment: Our team will evaluate your organization from the customer’s perspective, all while providing ideas for improving where the customer is likely feeling the most pain. We’ll walk your processes and help understand how customer-oriented they are.
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Customer Journey mapping: We follow your customers’ paths as they navigate through your company. Our map will demonstrate customer touch points, analysis of high customer effort areas, and will point toward possible areas for improvement.
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Value Proposition modelling: Propulo’s team will help you assess if your value proposition truly matches your customers’ needs, while identifying their pain and gain while interacting with your processes. If we find a gap, we can help you to realign processes or shift focus accordingly.
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Customer Effort training: Custom-designed, focused employee training allows you to help your team unlock their discretionary effort, understanding what their customer wants, not just what is asked for or what they’re used to.

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