With every new day comes a new technology, tool, job or regulation. And with change, comes a risk to your workforce’s safety – a risk that cannot be managed by simply revising your procedure manual or running a training. It can really only effectively be addressed by creating an agile workforce reinforced by environmental structures. We call this Safe Production.

But at Propulo, we believe every person can go home to their family healthy and whole, every day. We believe that every incident is preventable. We believe that with the right safety culture, zero incidents is possible today. And with right shifts in attitudes, habits and processes, it can be possible tomorrow.
Since 2003, we have been partnering with clients to help create lasting safety performance improvement. We combine the best of psychology and neuroscience with process design and change management to help you implement smart, sustainable change.

Our approach is based on years of experience and research, which tells us to effectively change a culture, it takes a both and strategy. True change takes:

  • Addressing both the implicit and explicit;
  • looking at both attitudes and the environment in which they are created;
  • pulling both transactional levers and transformational levers;
  • adjusting both informal and formal structures and systems; and
  • improving both economic and organizational capabilities.

safety culture

safety culture

Often, companies worry that a strong safety performance necessarily means a corresponding decrease in production or quality. 

We understand that success in all three elements are vital to a thriving business operation, so we focus on helping clients develop a culture that optimizes safety, quality and productivity.

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We do this by helping to design four key elements of a safety culture: environment, practices, people and leadership.

Our research shows that when each element is aligned, your safety culture will help create an environment conducive to safe, high quality work that meets production needs, enabling your team to do more while staying safe every day.

Zero Incident Process* training

Zero Incident Process training

Over the past decade-plus, we have worked across the globe with organizations throughout the mining & minerals, construction, oil & gas, and utilities sectors to deliver psychologically-based safety assessments and/or training programs.

Having changed the lives of over 126,000 individuals, our proprietary training program – the Zero Incident Process (ZIP) training – focuses on the link between safety attitudes and safety performance.

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We provide a powerful, empowering, engaging learning experience for leaders and frontline team members to help shift their attitudes toward safety.

Designed to leverage best practices for adult learning, the training focuses on understanding how the brain works in a safety context, helping everyone determine how to directly apply that new understanding to their work – today.

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Your people are your greatest asset – and protecting them from harm is an essential component of your business.

The ZIP training program has generated tremendous results for forward-thinking companies worldwide, and has helped to embed safety into their organizational DNA, leading to meaningful performance results and improved profitability.

our safety clients

Over the past decade, we have worked across the globe with organizations throughout the mining and minerals, construction, oil & gas and utilities sectors to deliver psychologically-based safety assessment and/or training programs.

Our clients include:

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Climax Molybdenum is a sentis consulting client
Sentis consulting client Dominion Diamond Corporation

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Exelon is a sentis consulting client
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IHI E&C is a Sentis consulting client
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Marine Harvest is a client of Sentis consulting

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Sentis consulting client WillBros
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other services

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Safety Culture Coaching: The importance of an engaged workforce that feels that at work, their opinion counts is critical to achieving the company goals. We can unlock the human potential of your leaders too.
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Safety Leader Coaching: If you ask your team what are the goals, do they know? They probably can recite them but do they understand them? Do they see leaders as authentic and the organization aligned? Talk to us.
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Employee Wellbeing: Health and safety goes far beyond avoiding injuries; it represents an investment in the whole health of an employee. Our team will provide a targeted, custom assessment of your culture as it relates to wellbeing, as well as potential areas for improvement.
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Safe Production Assessments: Our team will visit your sites and offices, interview employees and observe your safety culture. Upon completion, we can provide a roadmap for improving your safety culture.

*ZIP logo, trademark and inderlying intellectual property is used under license from Sentis PTY Ltd.

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